Vitor Belfort vs. Kelvin Gastelum Full Fight


Watch Vitor Belfort vs. Kelvin Gastelum on UFC Fight Night 106

UFC Fight Night 106 Replay

This is an interesting fight for a number of reasons.

While Belfort formerly frequented the middleweight department as one of its most unsafe strikers, he’s not efficient in being that male. Nearing the age of 40, he’s still harmful, but not almost as fluid as he as soon as was. He understands that his gas tank will only permit a portion of the flurries, which often results in a less-than-exciting variation of Belfort who is prone to takedowns and high-volume combinations. This will be especially real in a five-round fight, his first because November 2015. There is no other way Belfort wants this fight to go the distance, as only Gastelum will have the ability to swim in waters that deep. He’ll released a strong blitz in Rounds 1 and 2, but likely won’t have much after that.

Gastelum, meanwhile, will likely have more than enough energy to fight as effectively as he wants to for 5 rounds. That’s a luxury managed to lots of fighters who opt out of a tough weight cut in exchange for fighting bigger fighters. We have actually seen what Gastelum can do on the feet against slower fighters, and ought to expect to see more of that versus Belfort. He might have a hard time to take the fight to the ground early, however that hard defense should not last too long.

Prediction: Gastelum def. Belfort via TKO

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