The Ultimate Fighter 25 Episode 8


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TUF 25 Episode 8

The preview tosses us a curveball. We’re obviously going to get two fights AND the coaches’ challenge.

We go straight to Hassan’s battle prep, where the assumption is that Stevenson, battered in a battle simply a few days ago, is going to aim for takedowns. Garbrandt puts him in a fight simulation, turning colleagues and coaches who enter, hold pads and then shoot.

Dillashaw comes in for training, but Garbrandt is ready to challenge him about stuff Dillashaw stated on social networks, including the assertion that Cody is “a different individual on and off electronic camera.” Provided how Garbrandt has actually searched video camera– which, we need to constantly explain, could be a trick of editing– that seems like a compliment.

” I’m getting in his head, guy,” Dillashaw says, hyping an approaching fight that has actually considering that been scrubbed.

Stevenson fight prep: Dillashaw wants Joe Daddy to work on head motion. He goes to the cage and shadowboxes while ducking under ropes. Also notable: He’ll be combating on his kid Tyler Ray’s birthday.

Weigh-in: The guy from the Nevada commission must have all his purple coats at the dry cleaners, so he shows up sans coat. And we’re off to confessionals from other fighters, basically the only method they’re getting screen time in episodes in which they’re not combating. The most interesting: Justin Edwards, who beat Stevenson, thinks Hassan will win in more magnificent style than he did. These people this season are incredibly humble.

After the weigh-in, we get something I cannot remember seeing in any previous TUF episode: Stevenson asks to hope with the men from the other team after the fight. He says he feels shared love from both teams and provides an impassioned confessional about the mankind of fighters. Maybe somebody should employ him to moderate the UFC’s present matchmaking concerns.

Hassan’s last pre-fight confessional: “It’ll be an honor to obtain in and throw punches with you.”

Stevenson’s: Delighted birthday, Tyler Ray.

Fight starts with Hassan shuffling quickly throughout the cage to throw punches. One uppercut lands hard. Joe falls. It’s over immediately.

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