The Ultimate Fighter 25 Episode 2


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The Ultimate Fighter 25 Episode 2 Recap

Tonight on The Ultimate Fighter … Cody Garbrandt rips into T.J. Dillashaw!

Dillashaw reacts with a smirk!

Urijah Faber appears like he ‘d rather be in Sacramento!

Will Garbrandt get Dillashaw’s throat again and brag that an eagle got a snake?

( Oh, and two fighters with engaging stories will fight for a shot at reviving their careers, which appears like it should be the A-plot rather than the B-plot, much like the Family Guy with the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast contending for screen time with a rather mundane Meg story.).

This recap will include all the Alpha Male drama, however we might mention the fighters a bit.

The matchup, made recently, is TUF 19 champion Eddie Gordon (Cody’s group) vs. TUF 22 participant Tom Gallicchio, billed here as a jiu-jitsu professional.

However first, Dana White summarizes the Alpha Male dispute, and we cut down to Cody and Urijah yelling at T.J. in his dressing space doorway. Most of the conversation is bleeped. The rest of it … I would call it elementary-school playground arguing, however our regional school is really far more smart than that.

After what appears like 45 minutes but is actually about five, we’re advised that we have a battle on the program. We see Faber offering to roll with Gordon because– plot twist– Faber has actually trained with Gallicchio. Yes, Gallicchio was actually on Team Faber in TUF 22. Is the TUF house big enough for all this baggage?

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    i fkn love cody




    I love that Tom Galekio Smiles so genuinely in the face to face.


    but cody has no brain it seems


    tj is a snake in the grass


    are u dumb