Rose Namajunas vs Tecia Torres Full Fight Video


Rose Namajunas vs Tecia Torres Full Fight Video


Promotion: Ultimate Fighting Championship
Date: April 16, 2016
Venue: Amalie Arena
City: Tampa, Florida

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    WARNING: After the second round there’s an extremely loud commercial advertisement. Trust me. What a dick move. When I see advertisements like that, I make it a point to NOT support them. Wanna be obnoxious? Well, F You then….I won’t buy your product….ever.


    Stop crying, it is not that bad. Get the f*ck out then little b*tch


    Awww, poor little Moderator. Do you need a hug?


    Go get a life little man! More than 2000 comments on disqus without getting paid, thats sad… At least i’m getting paid to run my website. F*ck off

    Bitch, you aren’t getting paid. Your website sucks. Plenty of others that aren’t injecting obnoxious ear-piercing ads into their vids. Your careless desperation for pennies is evident. …and it’s only a matter of time until you get your cease and desist letter. So please….you f*ck off. …with yo broke ass.

    If you don’t like it f*ck off! I don’ t make these videos, i share them. I didn’t notice the ad you was b*tching about.


    Well check your sh*t before you post it, you noob. Web 101….ya heard?

    bon jon bovie

    ^^^ tapped due to ads.