Ronaldo Souza vs. Tim Boetsch Full Fight


Ronaldo Souza vs. Tim Boetsch Fight on UFC 208

Ronaldo Souza vs. Tim Boetsch. It’s an essential bout for the Middleweight division.

Souza’s body of work has actually earned him a title shot. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always matter to the UFC, so Souza is pushed into fights like this with everything to lose. If Souza comes up short, it really harms his momentum and will require Souza back in a huge way. Thinking about how challenging it’s been for him to make this very first title shot, that’s a significant issue for the former Strikeforce kingpin.

On the other hand, a win keeps him in the exact very same position.

As for Boetsch, this is a much bigger opportunity. He’s truly looked excellent in his last couple bouts, which has actually been somewhat unexpected, as lots of had actually written him off already. If he can follow those two performances with an enormous win here, it would do wonders for his profession and press him into the title mix. On the other hand, a loss is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed of. “Jacare” is possibly the very best worldwide, so Boetsch isn’t going to lose any ground no matter what takes place on Saturday night.

At UFC 208, Ronaldo Souza and Tim Boetsch will fight.

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