Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley Full Fight Video


Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley Fight on UFC 201

Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley

The comparison between the two fighters is even pretty much all around. Both fighters are 34, however Lawler is a couple of inches taller. Both fighters have 74″ reach, however Woodley’s leg reach of 42″ is a three-inch advantage. The fighters still have to formally weigh-in, however the welterweight title match needs fighters to weigh in at 170 pounds on the dot or lighter. (Official weights revealed at the weigh-in, which airs on Friday at 6 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 2).

Lawler has a higher surface rate in his career, 20 of his 27 wins visiting knockout with an additional submission win. Woodley’s 15 wins are an even split in between knockouts, submissions and decision.

Experience and time in the cage is an intriguing distinction in between Lawler and Woodley, and can be seen as a benefit or downside for either fighter. Lawler has battled more and has more experience in five-round champion bouts. Woodley has actually had simply one fight go past the third round, a knockout loss in the fourth-round of a welterweight title bout versus Nate Marquardt in Strikeforce.

But the other part of that equation, if you opt to see it that way, is mileage or wear and tear. Lawler has actually remained in some brutal wars that have gone five rounds. His decision win versus Carlos Condit was a stressful affair. His fifth-round knockout of Rory MacDonald at UFC 189 saw both guys take amazing damage. Woodley has less wear and tear.

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    You guys are mad because you lost all your money on lawler like a dumbass


    i hope there will be a rematch between robbie and woodley soon……robbie will beat his ass down for that…….come on robbie have a rematch with him


    Same result

    devon aka devonka

    To that punk devon, punks like you are so brave on line. I know you’re so happy now that you have a platform to use your braveness online. I didn’t capitalize the d in your name because you don’t deserve it, congratulations devonka.


    Robbie was OVER cautious and wasn’t biting on the jab or take down feints, good fight Woodley, lets see if he can hang onto the belt


    Actually the reason he got caught was that he bit on the jab so when he faked it he dropped his hand and Woodley came over the top with the bomb


    Shut your hatin ass up


    As if you didn’t know that was going to happen! lmao


    Stephen Thomson coming for the belt. Just wait and see, woodley gonna get his ass beat by the
    wonder boy.

    Doc Rupert

    robbie ..thanks for so many great woodley should fight condit…


    nah wonder boy is next and you already know hes takin that belt


    Good fight tyron ko Robbie

    People say the belts r changing hands a lot this year but the reality is there r 10 belts floating around, and that’s when no interim belts are out, and the ufc has 3 plus events every month. Outside of a list of names I can count with 1 hand,… Read more »
    vikas sharma

    The Fastest end to a fight ….Give one hard punch and the opponent goes straight out of the contention …Well done, Woodley


    What a statement for the dude, wow. Knocking out Robbie lawyer in two minutes


    fuck it, the year of belt changes continues


    Love this site!


    Got caught, lot of good fighters in this division. Gonna be hard for Woodley to hang on to belt




    That’s just raw pin point lazer power from Woodley. Is that strange though ? Robbie never had a chance but yet he beat Rory who beat Woodley.

    William Nufer

    Got caught in transition, was too nervous.



    This is great for both Woodley & UFC ,..IMO I’ve been watching tRobbie & UFC from the get go UFC 1 and I just never liked him for some reason. I don’t hate him per se just not a fan. He just comes off as a cocky street kid even… Read more »

    Can’t even click on any of the videos.


    wow… flash Punch.. gud one