Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos Full Fight | Houston MMA


Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos

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    griffin sr
    The first 2 rounds very easily could have either way. Robbies leg got hurt in the fight the same as Diaz when he fought anjos. It was a good game plan. Robbie may have lost a little fire but everybody has to understand he wasn’t fighting a newcomer. It was… Read more »

    RDA won all 5 rounds

    i can’t understand why the website put the parts of the fight…upload it as a unic part or put always 5 parts even if some of them are empty, because like is now you can now isn’t gonna be a ko in first, second, and at list third round of… Read more »

    it feel like robbie didn’t want to win that fight i he didn’t show the aggression and punches volume that he usually lands he kept staying beside the fence which is unusual for him it seems he didn’t want to win and face woodly and get knocked out once again


    No tiene sentido lo que dices amigo.
    A tenio un rival que ha peleado muchisimo mejor y punto


    Leg kicks really took there toll. Robbie wanted to put the pressure but he just couldn’t plant that leg.

    griffin sr

    Nicely said

    MMA genius
    I love Robbie but I honestly think it’s time for him to retire. He has been in the most brutal fights and has taken too many punches. His shelf life has dramatically been reduced. I feel the old Robbie would have destroyed Dos Anjos. Something definitely did happen to his… Read more »
    That fight with Hendricks comes to mind as a fight that took a permanent toll on both fighters. It is entertaining as hell to watch these guys–modern day gladiators–but they are paying a price for our entertainment no doubt. Admiration is the least I can give anyone that steps into… Read more »
    griffin sr

    His fights with McDonald were after Hendricks. Robbie is allowed to have a bad night. A lot of gas left in the tank

    ofc the amount of wars which he has been in played a big part but i didn’t see the intensity that he brings in his fight like if he didn’t care if he loose also he didn’t want to face woodley again he doesn’t care about the title if robbie… Read more »
    MMA genius
    It’s not the same Robbie because when he came back and fought Donald i could tell there that it wasn’t the same guy. He won that fight but a lot of people think Donald got robbed. I just feel he is at the end of his career. Nothing against RDA… Read more »