Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 Full Fight Video


Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 Full Fight Video

Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2

WHAT A FIGHT. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz provided us a thriller in March, and they offered us something even better than that tonight. I didn’t believe Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit could be topped as 2016’s Fight of the Year, but Diaz vs. McGregor 2 probably is the brand-new leader in the clubhouse in a year filled with amazingly enthralling bouts.

I believed that Conor McGregor was ended up after the method round 2 ended. He knocked Diaz down 3 times in the very first 7-8 minutes, however the gas tank looked to be on empty and Diaz was pouring on the pressure. I believed for sure that McGregor was done at the end of round 3 when he was practically out on his feet. There was a short moment where it appeared like McGregor would be standing TKO ‘d. That didn’t occur.

Conor McGregor’s 4th round is the single greatest thing he’s carried out in his UFC career. He was on his way to 0-2 against Diaz and he dug deep, found that additional bit of quality, and assured himself a lead heading into round 5. Diaz clearly won the 5th as a spent Conor kept looking at the clock, however the job was carried out in round 4. It was either a draw (which is how I scored it, with a 10-8 3rd round for Diaz) or a McGregor win 48-47. Cannot see an argument for Diaz getting the 2nd round even though he finished well. He still got decked two times and his leg was getting peppered. I don’t think there’s any robbery call to be had here, folks.

Bravo to both men. This was a big money fight and it offered us with enjoyment and high drama from start to finish.

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    beautiful fight regardless of who thinks who won. This is what MMA is all about. Both fighters taking some brutal shots and they keep on fighting. Respect to both of them.

    Mcgregor won this fight hands down. He fought 25lbs above his normal class here that’s 2 divisions lol. Diaz should of dominated but didn’t and it took him 5 rounds to get Mcgregor to the mat. I’ll admit Mcgregor bit off more than he can chew by agreeing to this… Read more »

    1.) 10-9 mcgregor
    2.) 10-9 mcgregor
    3.) 10-9 Diaz
    4.) 10-10
    5.) 10-10


    Plus mcgregor had 3 knockdowns which were big on the cards


    10-8 McGregor
    10-9 Mcgregor
    10-9 Diaz
    10-9 Diaz
    48-47 McGregor in my opinion

    kev allah

    Connor took roudns 1 and 4. Nate took 2 and 3 easily, and stole 5 at the end. Nate won.


    Nate took the second round?lmfao :))))))))))) Conor 1,2,4 Clearly.Nate won the third clearly and the fifth ehhhhh,let’s say he took the fith altough he didn’t do anything.Mcgregor WON and that’s the truth.No dickriding,no nothing.Mcgregor won clrealy.

    Dave Dow
    Nate was knocked down 3 times , that’s 3 points plus he lost the the 1st and 2nd that’s 2 more points , Nate was 5 rounds down at the start of the 3rd , the fight was over there , Nate won 3 an 4 with the 5 either… Read more »

    Points! Lol this isn’t boxing


    You arent serious hahaha.. The judging is done on points you complete fool, Diaz was dropped twice in round 2 and you thought he won the round? 1,2 were easily Mg and 3 was MG too.. Learn the sport you arm chair fan boy


    Holy shit I was just watching this and said the same thing!


    after a fair share of fights myself, I honestly can’t see how Connor won anything but the first two rounds. But tops to these guys, excellent fight.


    Nate couldn’t trade punches effectively, he was given easy opportunities to score against a tired Conor, got ONE takedown after many failed attempts, and was knocked down 3 times. Now make the case for Nate, since you have so much fighting experience.


    You know fuck all about fighting then!


    Great fight, i agree was either a draw or conor won, never for nate.

    Khabib Nurmagedov



    Nate Diaz is retarded


    Feels like Diaz has won this fight…

    kev allah

    Straight out, Nate took 2,3 and 5.


    Got kocked down twice in the second no chance he took that round come on


    couldn’t agree with you more


    Fagget ass conner didn’t deserve to win that fight! Bullshit!

    Your mum

    You can’t spell faggot “209 motherfucker”
    209 words you can’t spell I mean


    totally agree


    good fight


    Dude why is mcgregor holding the belt


    Kodi disappointed let me down tonight, come on guys!


    Hey me too


    Already smoked a bow! Got off work! HYPE!


    10 4 hear you loud and clear buddy ; )


    Waiting for the fight with bong in hand?


    I got my bong ready and loaded! lol

    Sancar Fellas

    We are waiting too…


    Ok, thanks 🙂
    It’s a crazy fight. Enjoy !


    were can I watch it? lol


    But there is no video?


    I think they are in the process of posting it up.