Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes Full Fight Video


Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes Full Fight Video


UFC 200: Tate vs. Nunes is an ongoing mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) being held on July 9, 2016, at the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevauda.
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    I think in a no holds barred fight with Amanda Nunes, I could beat her. Just so long as she didn’t have a jar of peanut butter.


    Check out Tate’s right leg right after the very first punch she eats at 0:41 seconds into this video, she got buckled that early and had zero confidence thereafter. Wonder which punch made her nose go.

    chuckie lucky

    Strong punches, and how many was that.. Miesha got beat up..oh well… she had the belt for
    a while… can Holly exchange punches with Amanda.. I doubt it but who knows .. wait and see….
    should be exciting…


    pure n utter brown hole whooping

    Nathan Brooks-Tomeo

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    Nathan Brooks-Tomeo

    What a performance by Nunes. She deserves the belt

    there was no submission here really. Mieasha just gave up, She was all messed up probably couldn’t even breathe with that broken nose, so she gave up. Nunes arm was on her jaw, and that hurts but miesha has endure worst things, the real damage was dong standing. Very good… Read more »

    Holm vs nunes next


    Tate gave up that choke was on her chin no way that would have put her out


    Miesha is tough but she doesn’t have the stand up power to put her opponents on the ground where she can then use her amazing ground game to finish it.

    Andrew Provost

    lmao, AMAZING???? she is a good grinder with a decent submission game, thats it! If you think Tate has a amazing ground game, than im sorry.

    I’d say it’s prett amazing what she does on the ground. Takes somebody as strong as Holly Holm and doesn’t let Holly throw her off and sinks in the choke. Holly did get lazy but Meisha still had to work for it. Joe Rogan said her ground game was amazing.… Read more »

    With the beating that Miesha took, I do not see Ronda piping up wanting a fight.
    This fight was not even close….. Ronda is thinking, “oh no, this Nunez chick can fight…. Maybe I should get pregnant and stay in movies “


    Ronda is comin back and she will win


    why is Lousy Rousey’s name even being mentioned here?
    it’s the age-old story of what happens to the fake bully on the playground:
    really tough until she gets punched in the mouth…followed by the vanishing act

    Because Rousey is actually fighting Nunes at the end of the month for the belt that’s why she matters!!! N she has even stated she hasn’t been working on her tap outs and jujitsu…! She’s totally focusing on her mixed martial arts and just pure boxing skills so she’s going… Read more »

    Ronda ain’t coming back, Nunes will be champion for a while


    Nunes didnt even have her arm hooked under the neck properly. Looked like Miesha just gave up ahaha.


    What is this pass the belt from chump to chump, RONDA NEEDS TO RETURN


    New champ!!! Good strikes and the submission