Mauricio Alonso vs Josh Koscheck Full Fight


Mauricio Alonso vs Josh Koscheck Fight on Bellator 172

Mauricio Alonso vs Josh Koscheck
Previous UFC welterweight title opposition Josh Koscheck made his Bellator Mixed Martial Arts launching tonight in San Jose, California as he squared off with Mauricio Alonso on the Bellator 172 primary card.

Round one starts and Koscheck starts off rapidly. Alosno circles and lands a good leg kick and then another. Kos leaps forward with a right but consumes a counter for his efforts. Mauricio follows that up with two good jabs. Koscheck with a leg kick. Alonso returns fire with one of his own. Koscheck steps forward and lands a right however again Alonso has the ability to counter well. Josh continues his forward pressure however Alonso is keeping him at distance with an effective jab. Koscheck leaps in with a right that scores. Alonso circles and lands a leg kick. Kos presses forward however is come by a right-hand man. He gets up and retreats. Alonso chases after him and has him up against the fence. He lands a huge uppercut and Kos goes down. This one is over.

Mauricio Alonso KO’s Josh Koscheck at 4:42 of Round 1

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