Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Rafael Dos Anjos Full Fight Video


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Rafael Dos Anjos Full Fight Video

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    MMA Fan
    Khabib leaves himself open for an uppercut counter when he dips his head. The trouble is, the head dip usually happens when he is setting up a takedown off of his strikes. You may land the uppercut but at the cost of getting taken down. Kabib is a beast. He… Read more »

    Khabibs tendency (as a wrestler) to duck his head when he throws that right cross COULD get him knocked out by some fighters…


    he is begging for an uppercut… most guys try and throw a knee… thats where they get in trouble….

    This guy is limited in how many times a year he can fight due to religious obligations.. I think its a total of 7 months… it will be very hard for the fighters wanting a title shot to match his schedule should he ever beat Conor. He will NEVER fight… Read more »
    Mike welchivk

    How many times has Conor defended his belt since he took it in nov 2016? I would say he isn’t good for the division on short or long term, Khabib on the other hands lays waste to anyone he faces


    All that doesn’t matter Tony Ferguson is gonna be the champ soon and will be best lightweight of all time


    lol if he ever makes it into the cage with Khabib….