Kevin Lee vs Tony Ferguson Full Fight Replay – UFC 216 Replay


Kevin Lee vs Tony Ferguson Fight on UFC 216 Main Event

Kevin Lee vs Tony Ferguson

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    Ferguson will win against conor, you guys saying he leaves his chin open but he knows his distance very good he roll with the punch’s and if gets a good punch from conor he will go to the ground and work from there this dude is fucked up and the… Read more »
    The best

    I agree. He adapts to fighters style. The guy is unbelievable. He has beaten the best lightweights in incredible fashion! The only guy I think he needs to beat is khabib which is way tougher opponent then conor


    Tony’s scream at the end sent chills. What a monster. Cannot wait to see Tony vs Conor happen!

    El matatan

    Y’all are crazy!! How many times has tony been knocked out?? That’s right a big fat zero!! His three losses are 1 submission and 2 Decisions. If Nate can take his punches I think tony can do better. I say third round submission tony Ferguson beats the chicken


    So happy Tony!! He’s a beast!! Now if only Chicken McNuggets will fight him so he can take that belt. Connor doesn’t have a chance against Ferguson!! Vacate the belt Connor.

    Fabio Reis

    I Agree.
    Ferguson is the best Fighter.


    You joking? Tony takes way too many hits. Conor will win

    i own that asshole

    conor mcgregor can ko him. and yes you’re a dickless asshole. vacate your tiny dick BITCH. it’s conor with one “n” by the way you fake fight fan retard!!!! x a billion faggot. now kys.

    Chop Chop Corley

    dude stfu u dont even know what ur talking about

    High fight IQ
    mate, tony leaves his chin open, watch his fights, Conor would easily bang him right on the jaw. so I think you’re the one that “don’t even know what ur talking about” not saying tony is a bad fighter, he’s extremely talented, just has major flaws in his stand up… Read more »

    I like the Conor hype though. It’s fun. Irish people are fun. The atmosphere is fun. I hope he continues to dominate.


    I agree. If Tony cleans up his stance, covers his chin more and gets Conor down he could def. submit him. But he leaves way too much room for error in his striking game. So on that note, Conor will KO him more than likely.


    La droga esta Buena en el barrio