Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway Full Fight


Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway

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    How do you turn off the sound from video 1?


    How do I turn down the commentators?


    go back to the video and turn it down


    Best site ever when it comes to UFC


    Pretty good webpage its a pleasure to me be Chilean and have acces to this webpage and see all this figths thanks to all of you guys

    Jj and dat

    Thank you very much for this free fight very nixe quility also thank you again




    All these peeps complaints , All I have to say is thank you so much for the great FREE fights. No crappy commercial s. Nice fast loading. The few small bugs are quite bearable . Thanks again and keep up the good work .

    Shit is crazy, you open the next part, and the other parts still playing-fucking up the audio, gotta keep going back and muting the last part, and refreshing the page, eventually you get it just right. I guess that’s okay considering most folks will watch this free, me on the… Read more »

    If i’m watching theses videos on your website, it’s because I couldnt get the PPV.
    I open up this page and see 5 parts video. Nice spoiler. Now I know it wont be a first-round KO.
    Why not a full fight video?


    Same i am thinking plus this changing parts is s anying.Video react so stupid and u cant stop first one to start second.Even when u do than again first one start to play.Its nightmare.FULL VIDEO IS BEST GUYS..

    Ch Ra

    Go cry where the fight costs money, stupid douchebag.

    You sound American u like insult people lol.U should be ashamed of who you are.You should go in dark corner of room and cry.Guy just give his opinion.No need to insult somene with so lame words as u do and Americans.Be more cool and normal as Europe people.Stop living in… Read more »

    its a democrat bro, useless to teach manners, a wall learns better


    Complaining about the quality of your free illegal stream? Kill yourself.

    Its not free u idiot.This is how company marketing to new people as me.Later on u start bet u buy tickets u travel and so on.What u should sell videos who are old for few months days weeks years?What marketing is that?This is not porn dude.This is live events which… Read more »

    It is free unless you buy…. travel and so on….
    get some education sir…. EVEN FREE ONE (if you not buy.. travel and so on)…