Jim Miller vs. Dustin Poirier Full Fight


Jim Miller vs. Dustin Poirier Fight on UFC 208

Jim Miller vs. Dustin Poirier. This should be a solid scrap in between experienced Lightweights.

Poirier needs to bounce back, which’s the real purpose of this fight. It’s a step back in competiton for the Louisiana-native, and it should move him back into the win column before he returns to fighting the division’s best.

That said, if Poirier comes up short here, it’s a significant setback. Throughout his whole UFC profession, Poirier has only lost to top contenders in their prime. Miller might still be dangerous, however that’s not an accurate description of him at this moment. Poirier may even be dropped from the rankings with a loss, forced to begin his run from the bottom once again.

As for Miller, this is a big opportunity for him. If he can distress Poirier, it’s by far the biggest triumph of his four fight win streak. We’ve seen other Lightweight veterans like Evan Dunham recuperate from a rough streak to return to relevance in the past, and Miller might add his name to that small list.

A title run is still incredibly unlikely, but it’s a real start.

In the most likely event that Miller comes up short, his position remains the same. He’s still a solid fighter and gatekeeper, however it’s clear that the top 15 in the world are simply too knowledgeable for him.

At UFC 208, Dustin Poirier and Jim Miller will open the main event card.

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