Gunnar Nelson vs. Alan Jouban Full Fight


Gunnar Nelson vs. Alan Jouban on UFC Fight Night 107

Gunnar Nelson vs. Alan Jouban

Here’s Alan Jouban’s big opportunity to break into the UFC welterweight rankings. Sadly for him, Jouban is not dealing with the most beneficial of match-ups in the top-15 rankings.

At 35 years of age, Jouban looks to be in the prime of his profession, having actually created three straight victories with his recent performances. However what’s more excellent than his current win streak is that Jouban has shown improvement in all of his recent bouts, and now seems carrying good momentum– something his challenger Gunnar Nelson appears to be in need of.

The SBG Ireland fighter looked to be the future of the welterweight department just three years earlier, as he was undefeated in MMA and had a 4-0 start in the UFC. However, after a few hiccups, Nelson is now 2-2 in his previous 4 performances and only contended as soon as in the 2016 calendar. Despite the held up, Nelson is still in the top-10 rankings and remains a dangerous challenger for anybody.

It’s obvious here that Nelson has a big benefit over Jouban in the grappling location. This suggests Jouban has to keep Nelson at variety in order to avoid any type of grappling that could lead the fight to the ground. I understand Jouban has actually never ever been submitted in an expert fight, however I’m sure he hasn’t faced anybody with the ground video game that Nelson gives the Octagon. Nelson is a little sluggish from eviction which can give Jouban a running start in the fight, or perhaps help in Jouban managing an upset if he manages to prevent getting submitted while doing enough to win rounds. However, I see Nelson’s takedowns and dominant grappling being enough to get him a surface or a convincing decision.

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