Frankie Edgar vs. Brian Ortega Full Fight Video | UFC 222 Highlights


Frankie Edgar vs. Brian Ortega fight on UFC 222 Highlights

Frankie Edgar vs. Brian Ortega

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    Ortega is gonna be the champ- no doubt. The maturity, composure and skill level that he showed is like nothing I’ve seen from anyone. That kid is gonna keep the strap for as long as he wants if he keeps is head, heart and game together like it was on… Read more »

    No match for Edgar.


    holly shit, he just knocked Edgar the fuck out O.O this guy is for real…


    Thanks a million for upploading all theses ufc vidoes!


    uggh im soo annoyed that the title was misleading. ufc 222 “highlights”
    went all day with no spoilers. finally made it to the video and then i get spoilers for that reason


    omfg the title was called highlights…… so i didnt watch it. tried to find a video on google. ended up seeign spoilers!! if only the title was what it really was.. the whole fight then i wouldnt have seen spoilers fackkkk


    Why would you watch the highlights if you didn’t want the results? If anything that is pure spoilers and no context.


    thanks for the videos!!!!


    Are the videos playing for you? I can’t get them to work


    Not working for me either. Stops at 0.10

    A A Ron

    Just wait. Eventually they’ll pop up. It did the same for me