Elina Kallionidou vs Anastasia Yankova Full Fight


Elina Kallionidou vs Anastasia Yankova Fight on Bellator 176

Elina Kallionidou vs Anastasia Yankova

Anastasia Yankova has a ton of hype behind her, even after a razor-close split decision win over Veta Arteaga in her previous fight at Bellator 161, back in November. Yankova dished out a good quantity of damage to her challenger, but she also soaked up ample punishment from Arteaga, also. Will Yankova enter into this bout with a chip on her shoulder, and seek to show that the hype remains in truth real?

Elina Kallionidou revealed tremendous quantities of heart versus Sinead Kavanagh, in Dublin no less, in her marketing launching at Bellator 169, back in December. Kallionidou invested a strong portion of time being smushed up against the fence, by the more physically enforcing Kavanagh, but managed to hang tough for enough time to hear the toll of the last bell. Will Kallionidou show up in Italy with more than just strength, and offer the unbeaten Yankova a run for her loan?

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