Edson Barboza vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Full Fight Video


Edson Barboza vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight on UFC 219 Las Vegas MMA

Edson Barboza vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov


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    Of the 5 mutual fighters they fought Ferguson has been more impressive. Khabib has four 3 round decisions against Rda, Barboza, Tibau, and Trujillo. He had 3rd round submission on Johnson. Tony had a 5 rounder decision with Rda and submitted barboza 2nd round, submitted Tibau rd 1, submitted Trujillo… Read more »
    Those aint facts at all. Barboza beat the shit out of Tony the first round and won it in all judges cards yet he couldnt even touch khabib. RDA was very competitive especially the first rounds, Khabib completely smashed him. Taken down by Trujillo who Khabib made fly. Lost to… Read more »

    Soon to be 25-1


    Hmm Barboza fight didn’t go to judges. Tony submitted him in the 2nd round. Well here is another fact. Khabib couldn’t take tibau down one time and tony submitted him in the 1st. I actually had tibau winning that one so I think khabib is actually 24-1


    Khabib is only good around the cage. Ferguson will take that away from him


    That being said, if he said he could have finished the guy, he should have.


    he said ‘I couldn’t finish him’


    He talked shit saying he wanted to punish him for three rounds and could’ve finished him but then he said he couldn’t finish him.


    Take it easy guys. Let’s keep it to fighting in the physical sense 🙂


    muslim’s standup is garbage… he better prey to his allah for McGregor to never come back.


    What the fuck is Muslim? His name is Khabib


    Muslim is khabibs religion

    UFC 12

    say that to his face pussy i bet you won’t he would smash your tiny dick


    what does his religion have to do with his fighting style? Stupidity at its best.


    Don’t be Bias, I’m pretty sure if you saw a Christian doing a cross sign you wouldn’t say anything. he thanked God for everything he bestowed upon him, it showes humbleness.


    lol your faggot mconnor is too much of a bitch to step up that ‘muslim’…he will crush you and your irish bitch god

    R.l.. Polk.

    Nurmagomedov would literally kill Conor McGregor.


    hell yea


    Just to let you know anyone could be Muslim.


    yet khabib has never lost a fight and mcregor has dont get me wrong i like mcregor its just that you”re a racist piece of shit


    i think and i am sure that McGregor must pray for his god because if this Muslim fight him he will finish McGregor in 1 minute


    My opinion is if khabib fights tony the same way he fought Edson then I see tony winning by D’arce choke or Triangle.


    You’re very uneducated on the sport


    Not even a counter argument.


    YA ok buddy been watching ufc since Gracie days. Ur prob one of these wwe fans that crossed over and doesn’t know shit

    UFC 12

    kevin lee was whooping tony’s ass on the ground if khabib were in these positions he would have finished ferguson very early you are just another conor stupid fan thats it


    Ufc 12 ur a fucking idiot. I don’t give two shits for Conor. Just speaking the truth. U don’t know shit man. Kevin lee got sliced and diced the fuck up with tony elbows. He even said it himself.


    You right

    Kevin lee never whooped Tony’s ass in the ground. Look at the fight good and realize Kevin getting hit by Tony’s elbows when he was on top. Kevin was super tired already by the end of the second round and by the third tony was walking him down and when… Read more »
    ElcucuyIf he was whipping his ass why did his face
    ElcucuyIf he was whipping his ass why did his face

    If he was whipping his ass why did his face looked 10 times worse than Tony’s


    Snap down city!!

    ElcucuyIf he was whipping his ass why did his face
    ElcucuyIf he was whipping his ass why did his face

    The only way khabib wins is a boring decision!!


    Awesome fight,,Khabib was really dominating Edson Barboza to the top level


    Milhouse that’s a no. I actually thought the same untill i saw the Ferguson vs Lee Fight, the way lee pounced on him can only make me think that khabib will do the same only ten times worse as he’s known to do.


    Jobob I guess we’ll just have to wait n see but I feel tony is better stand up and isn’t afraid to be on his back. Either way I don’t see Conor beating either guy so these are the top 2 guys in the division


    Lol.. u guys are funny. Lee pounced on tony at the end of round 1 the other times he probably wished he would’ve stayed on his feet. He got so many elbows and wasted a lot of energy.

    Lee doesn’t have knockout power he has one knockout in his career. Khabib doesn’t have knockout power either. He just rag dolls opponents but I don’t see that shit happening with tony. As good as barboza is he has no ground game and tony took barboza out by the 2… Read more »
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    Ferguson will destroy khabib!! Ready to argue!?!


    What makes you think he will “destroy” Khabib. He can definitely win, but I don’t see how he is going to destroy him.


    He is a ground and pound fighter. He can take Ferguson to the ground but he is gonna eat a bunch of elbows and eventually get submitted.


    I’m afraid Tony will have other things to worry about in the octagon.


    Lot of tony haters up in here but it’s all good. I think it’s about time the guy gets some respect. Nobody gives him respect cause they think he is weird and annoying. Kevin lee now knows what’s up and he knows tony is the best in the division.

    im not a hater i think hes great but tony Ferguson stands about as much of a chance of winning against khabib, as edson did sadly. he just too much. And i think everyone will get a shock when he does it to everyone at 170lb as well. He will… Read more »
    Ken what are u drinking? No way he can do that to the 170 lb class. There’s a reason he said he would go to 145 lb after fight with Ferguson and Conor. One hit from mike perry and it’s lights out for him. Santiago, Darren till, Thompson, Woodley these… Read more »
    R.l.. Polk.

    No their not too big for him. Nurmagomedov would do as good or better than RDA. Khabib Nurmagomedov would beat Woodlley’s boring ass pretty easily.

    Woodley may be boring but his takedown defense is pretty damn strong so I don’t see khabib being able to take him down. On fight night Woodley probably weighs close to 200 lbs so he definitely would be the bigger man and Woodley can punch hard it would be lights… Read more »

    I disagree about the chance. Tony is 10 times better on the ground then barboza. Tony has a much better chance if or when he gets taken down by khabib. One wrong move by khabib and tony can submit him

    R.l.. Polk.

    Ferguson is the true champ at 155 but he would lose against Numagomedov. I would bet on Tony beating McGregor thou.

    El matatan

    How do you figure he would lose? Ferguson would be khabibs nightmare on the floor. He is great In the guard and very capable of submitting him. Tony has much better stand up then khabib too.


    Khabib never position himself where the opponent can elbow him, if you look at the video khabib always get the opponent laying on the side and locks the legs. Ferguson might be slick but his ground game is bjj and not wrestling.


    He is both bjj and wrestling.


    Khabib will destroy everyone in the division. He is a legend.


    Everyone except Ferguson


    Hahaha ur funny guy. Can’t wait when they raise Tony’s hands at end of fight..


    Nah Tony was losing against Lee till the choke, khabib will be more careful.


    Tony was just waiting patiently till lee tired then he submitted him. Even lee said the elbows Ferguson made him eat killed him


    you must be blind


    You can’t see what I can see

    UFC 12

    yeah i can’t see bullshit

    Then wipe ur mouth ufc 12. Khabib never fought a guy that can fight on the floor. He has only beaten two top ten fighters in what the past 5 years. He is overrated and will be exposed. It’s easy to pound a guy with no mat game. Tony will… Read more »
    R.l.. Polk.

    Nurmagomedov would literally kill Ferguson or McGregor.


    Kill Ferguson that’s insane!! I think out of 10 fights they both win 5 each. Tony is good all around… khabib only the the ground but tony has good mat experience so it could lead to trouble for khabib


    khabib has crushed serveral opponents that has black belt in bjj dumbass, think before you speak. Sambo is another level


    Lol..hit man the truth is Ferguson is on another level.


    Well I think it would be a good fight. Tony has a weird style that works for him and he took out barboza out by the 2nd round by submission.


    Really, Ferguson and Barboza are equals, the fight could of gone either way, big deal he choked him out, Khabib could do the same but he wants exciting fights ground and pound, Ferguson will do nothing, will be another mauling

    No way Ferguson and Barboza are equals. Did u see what Ferguson did to Barboza? He took him out by the second round. Ferguson is much better then Barboza on the ground. He has an awesome guard and uses his leverage really well. Make no mistake khabib pulled out twice… Read more »