Edson Barboza vs. Kevin Lee Full Fight Video


Edson Barboza vs. Kevin Lee

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    9 Comments on "Edson Barboza vs. Kevin Lee Full Fight Video"

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    Edson is so talented; seems he has the worst corner, what the fuck is that advice between rounds?!


    wtf? the most important parts are missing….

    Lu wei

    Not working :(((((


    shieeet, Lee made khabib’s win over Barboza look bad 😀 now i want Lee to smash khabib.


    The video worked for you?

    Sheharyaar Ghouri


    Keith mc

    Are you for real? This just proves that khabib would eat lee alive same with ferguson an mcgregor!! All he did was copy khabib to get a result of an ageing fighter barboza should retire after this because lee isn’t any special and he made a fool of him

    nima abbasi
    His wrestling actually looked better than khabibs, probably beacuse barboza also improoved his deffence allot since khabib and khabib didnt really have to show high level wrestling, but still he also showed that he can stand with one of the best strikers. I dont know why you say barboza is… Read more »

    Shut the fuck up stupid go to suck khabib dick little bitch