Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt Full Fight Video


UFC 207: Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt Full Fight

The heated rivalry between UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and unbeaten power-puncher Cody Garbrandt worked as the co-main occasion of UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bad blood was exchanged frequently throughout the pre-fight accumulation, and as you might have anticipated, there was no glove touch during the fight night staredown.

Garbrandt ridiculed Cruz’s footwork by doing a little dance. Cody missed wildly on a right-hand man as Cruz threw a high kick. Cruz stood out his jab. Garbrandt had the ability to land the left on Cruz and back the champion up. Garbrandt chased after Cruz down and missed on his punches, as Cruz wonderfully evaded them. Cody had a kick to the body captured, but he stuffed the takedown and landed a strong leg kick on Cruz. The champion took Garbrandt down but Cody scrambled back to his feet fairly rapidly, as Cruz couldn’t develop firm control of him on the mat. A well-timed takedown by Garbrandt captured Cruz off-guard in the last 30 seconds of a tense opening round. Cruz whiffed on a spinning backfist to end the 1st.

Cruz had a great mix to begin round 2. Garbrandt clocked Cruz with a big left hook but then Cruz knocked Garbrandt off balance with a tough left of his own. The opposition linked on a counter right-hand man. Cruz popped out that jab and continued to often change stances. Great knee to the body by Cruz briefly stopped Garbrandt in his tracks. Cody tossed a body kick and a left turn over the top. A takedown effort by Cruz was expertly warded off by Garbrandt, they exchanged heavy leather in the pocket, with Cruz getting tagged with a right, and the 2nd round concluded.

Garbrandt slipped on a high kick and Cruz tried to catch top of him but they went back to standing. Garbrandt captured Cruz with a right hand then a left hook. Cruz was cut open on the left side of his face. Cody taunted Cruz and was laughing at him. A huge shot hurt Cruz with 2 minutes left in the 3rd round. Cruz kept his composure and threw a jab and a left hook. Garbrandt slipped numerous Cruz punches in a row. Cruz was missing out on hugely and Garbrandt was the one placing on the protective program. It was an extremely clear round 3 for the opposition. Replays revealed that an accidental headbutt caused Cruz’s nasty cut above his left eye.

A leg kick by Cruz landed however he got clipped with a counter left hand to open round 4. Cruz was floored by a right hand after exchanging big strikes with the opposition. Garbrandt didn’t jump on him, instead pointing at him as Cruz returned to his feet. A hard straight right jarred Cruz. Garbrandt continued his taunting of Cruz as he averted punch after punch and showed gorgeous motion. The action slowed just a little bit to the latter end of the 4th, however Cruz was simply not able to truly get his offense going. A huge left hook dropped Cruz flat on his backside. Another shot knocked Cruz down. Garbrandt poured it on in the final 20 seconds and was in full command of the bout.

In round 5, Cruz once again tossed a spinning backfist and whiffed, then took a tough body kick. He stuck the jab out however required a lot more to win this fight given the way rounds 3-4 went. Cruz scored with a right hand, a left hook, and then an uppercut. Flying knee by Cruz was efficiently dropped in midair by Garbrandt. Cruz tossed a leg kick and Garbrandt dropped to the flooring in another minute of mocking him. Garbrandt’s output waned a bit and Cruz took advantage by throwing exactly what he could, however Garbrandt regularly ducked and dodged his finest shots. Cody pushed Cruz up versus the cage and tried a takedown in the last 30 seconds of this thrilling fight. Garbrandt connected with a knee to the body on the exit. Cody commemorated before the horn sounded, they hugged each other, and the fight drew to a close.

Main outcome: Cody Garbrandt def. Dominick Cruz by unanimous decision (48-46, 48-47, 48-46) to end up being the brand-new UFC bantamweight champion

Garbrandt enhances to 11-0 in his career, while Cruz drops to 22-2, having actually lost at bantamweight for the first time ever.

UFC 207: Nunes vs Rousey is an ongoing mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held on December 30, 2016 at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

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    Mr. J

    how the hell did they call a headbutt when that head kick/knee hit him so hard Dominic went into the air, that’s what cut him


    Took 10 years, a whole team, and a lot of video to pull it off….hats off to Cody but in all honesty he’s someone that can be figured out pretty easily he’s a counter striker

    joey jones
    Cruz,are you Listening,all you have to do to Beat that Show Off,with no Class,is most important of all,is shorten up on your Punches,Keep your Hands up higher when you throw your Punches,not on your sides,to prevent long looping Punches,and Throw the Jab,like crazy,the Jab sets everything up,especially the Straight Right… Read more »
    You\'re Dumb

    Why don’t you fight Cody then? You cannot possibly think you can coach one of the P4P best over the internet

    Joey Jones is truly special in his own kind of way
    Joey Jones is truly special in his own kind of way

    Ya dude the greatest bantamweight fighter of all time is super grateful to have a moron give him fighting advice from behind a keyboard. This is a time in which you should begin to reevalute how you are choosing to live your life.


    damn i hate fighters who run, thats what put me off boxing a few years ago


    I’m so glad Cruz got exposed. His style is so ugly but effective but against a true boxer he got exposed and even out slicked.

    I love Cruz’s style and man if he had KO power he would be the GOAT. I feel he has ring rust and it showed in this fight. On top of that, I feel he had an off night and that can be contributed to Cody’s excellent preparation or just… Read more »

    listen bernardo, cruz would make you suck his sick while you finger your hole


    think it was closer than what the judges scored it. 48-47 atleast.


    You”re not giving Cody a 10-8 round for knocking him down 3 times. That’s where you get the 48-46.


    I will admit I thought Garbrandt had nothing more than a punchers chance. But he outsmarted Cruz and beat him at his own game.


    Can you upload the entrance walk outs too please?


    Josh a fag


    The best site of mma


    I’m so glad that people finally got to see a more of Cody’s wrestling! He is so good at cutting those angles! A very dominating performance! I kept telling people that there is more than meets the eye with this kid!


    i don’t know man i really didn’t like this fight cody was really just running away a lot


    Ey? it was a great fight they went toe to toe.


    Wtf bro hes slick af. Dat crazy head movements. He could have gone for the finish anytime round 4 but no. He let cruz taste his own medicine.

    Real mma fan unlike you
    Real mma fan unlike you

    You are a dumbass. Cody ran? Stfu


    He did run lmao tf? Guessing you have neck tattoos and have an iq lower than half the population


    I agree 100% Cruz realized it it n attempted to get Cody to push but Cody refused.

    Dominiator got dominated! Nobody has ever done that to cruz. Wow. He easily lost the fight. 3-2 rounds garbrandt. Cruz got knocked down 4 times. Cruz tried his hardest but just couldn’t find his range. Garbrandt was just too quick and his boxing was way better. There will be a… Read more »

    surely 47 47?
    10-9, 10-9, 9-10, 8-10, 10-9

    I dont know how the official score cards scored the last round to cody! clearly it was dom’s. The biggest factor in this fight was the headbutt. I think in a rematch, dom should win.


    I think you’re delusional … headbutt was nothing. 3 knockdowns and Dom couldn’t touch him.


    Lmo you got eyes or not?


    There was no headbutt Dom even admitted that it was called wrong during the fight.

    Mo you are one of the few that actually watched the fight and didn’t let the Cody nut hugger commentators influence your decision. Also that headbutt disoriented Cruz more than he or anyone else noticed. After that his timing was off and he was getting tagged. That last round is… Read more »