Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva Full Fight Video


Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva Full Fight Video

UFC 200: Tate vs. Nunes is an ongoing mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) being held on July 9, 2016, at the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevauda.
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    Silva is old and still fights great its hard to fight great as the spider when you are facing a good wrestler who doesnt get out of position on top. Silva won on his feet but got taken down to easily.

    James Barratt

    Its over for Silva. He should bow out and leave the sport. Not have people thinking he’s shit. Personally I think he’s shit.

    losing a fight on 2 days notice to a champion who’s 20+ lbs heavier than him and who utilised the weight advantage to it’s max capacity is hardly a bad performance. If this was a video game with Health Bars, DC would have had less health at the end of… Read more »

    Some dudes are madd casual. Dont even know Andersons weight class, at the least.


    What round did Anderson get 26???? And I think he won that last one. DC was terrible!!! Lay and Pray all damn day!


    dc is scared s#itless of jones point blank period


    Thanks Spider for a fantastic fight on 2 days notice, DC didn’t have an answer for Spiders striking and used his strength and take downs, would love to see a proper rematch for the title, don’t think DC will win with a properly trained Silva


    Beautiful to see that appreciation from both fighters after the fight


    So boring, incredible.


    Thanks for uploading this card


    thank oyu for uploading this

    some dude

    awesome quality video, thank oyu for uploading this


    Very sad to see Silva like this now days


    He did very well considering he took it 2 days notice and isn’t fighting at light heavy. Old school Silva beats dc. And dc will never beat Jones.

    John Joseph

    Don’t understand the complaining. DC won.

    Stuart Bird (@_Stuart_B_)
    Stuart Bird (@_Stuart_B_)

    Depends if Jones gets to fight again and what he is like without the PED’s.