Cris Cyborg vs Holly Holm Full Fight Video | UFC 219 Replay


Cris Cyborg vs Holly Holm fight on UFC 219 Replay – Las Vegas MMA

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    7 Comments on "Cris Cyborg vs Holly Holm Full Fight Video | UFC 219 Replay"

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    I give Holly Holm a lot credit for fighting like she did and Cyborg actually is a very good sport and does show class after her fights. She is a pit bull and will be hard to beat but everyone gets beat sooner or later if they stick around long… Read more »
    Magnus Hatli
    Seriously, as much as I love MMA, this is becoming stupid to watch. Either get control of the substance abuse and steroid use, or just make it legal FFS. By this time, everyone is doing it and it’s just hurting the sport. Holly did amazing, considering she’s practically fighting a… Read more »

    You’re becoming stupid to listen to. USADA hounds Cyborg with drug tests, in and out of competition. If she were using, they would know. Of course if you had any knowledge beyond talking out of your ass, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    mma man

    If you love the sport you should know about USada you fucking troll

    Absolutely, Holly Holm has true champion blood in her veins. I’m sorry she lost but she showed tremendous heart from Round 1 to the very last moment in Round 5. I feel her corner could have done better coaching Holly to change up her game which would give her a… Read more »

    actually holly holm did very good i didn’t expect her to last after eating all these shots

    if nothing else this just shows what a world class fighter holly holm is. if you can go 5 rounds in a slug fest with cris cyborg then you aren’t to be trifled with. awesome fight. cris is as tough as nails and it’s what you would expect from her.… Read more »