Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz Full Fight Video


Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz Full Fight Video

LAS VEGAS – UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has never pulled back from a challenge.

Not even the prospect of increasing two weight classes made McGregor flinch.

But for all his valiance, moving up 25 pounds ended up being a bridge too far.

Nate Diaz, who took a UFC 196 main-event slot against McGregor on 2 weeks’ notice, submitted McGregor in the second round of their welterweight centerpiece at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The time of the tapout was 4:12.

” I understood it was going to be a war,” stated Diaz (19-11). “If I’m not in the very best shape, I got ta start sluggish, save my energy, then pick it up.”

It was a bout that was as wild as the brief-but-crazy accumulation, which featured frequent profane outbursts and a skirmish in between the duo at Friday’s weigh-ins.

McGregor overcame Diaz in the opening round, landing the greatest shots and busting open Diaz’s best eye.

But a bloodied Diaz buckled McGregor with a huge left to the jaw in the 2nd. Then he discovered his footing, taunting the fading McGregor and landing shot after shot.

McGregor aimed for a desperation takedown, however that only put him in Diaz’s wheelhouse. Diaz deftly navigated into position and wound up with his 12th profession submission victory.

The featherweight champ (19-3) made no reasons for the loss.

” I took the chance,” McGregor said. “I thought I took first round, I was inefficient with my energy. I respect Nate, he took the punch. These things take place in MMA. I gambled and it didn’t work out.”

The bout was initially set up to feaure McGregor moving up in weight to challenge lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos, but dos Anjos took out 2 weeks before the fight with a broken foot. Diaz was selected amongst several candidates, consisting of Donald Cerrone, to take his location.

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    zog noty

    ufc are so jew,they put this on their site as a free fight but the resolution look like an atari game


    thank you nate


    Conor is mini star not champion


    sweetest in a long time.

    George Bachman


    James Wong
    Did u not see Conor rules and dominates all the way and Diaz barely saved by the bell? Did u not see him outdo the bad boy in every possible way? The only mistake he made, as he implied, was taking on someone 1, 2 weight class up which inveitably… Read more »

    Kind of like the Chad Mendes fight where Chade decimated Connor by out striking him for one and a half rounds and only gassed because Chad fights two weight classes above where he should fight like a true warrior.

    i see Nate dominating the second round and own Mcgregor completely. he made the mistake of taking the fight in a higher weight class? meh Diaz tok this fight on a short notice and all the Mcgregor ass kissers say hes p4p best fighter? one weight class higher would not… Read more »

    Man just stop dick riding and accept the fact that he lost! SMH

    interesting fight this one, McGregor dominated the stand up in the first, problem was you could see him gas out. In the corner between rounds he looked like he had gone 4 rounds, Nate with his usual off the charts cardio looked like he had just wondered down to his… Read more »

    Just like the Mendes fight where Mendes destroyed Connor on the first round and only lost once he gassed.


    He never dominated what are you talking about

    Tony Venezuela

    Hahahaha….this piece of irish shit got what he deserves. Fuck you, whore !!!!

    Paul Gonzales
    To the average fan the ground work at the end just looks like two guy rolling around but the skill Diaz showed was incredible. He flat out dominated Connor, he was like a damn Boa just toying with his kill. Mcgregor tried multiple times to escape and even get to… Read more »
    Mister GotBucks

    Yeah, totally. Nate had lightning-fast reactions to McGregor rolling and captured his arm a couple times. Really delicate maneuvers, and obviously effective.


    Sometimes when you disrespect your opponent, your opponent rises to a higher level. Disdaining Nate’s heart was a huge mistake, partners. Stockton needed this!

    Adam Irfan

    Conor Mcgregor is fault not Nate…

    Beast Wolf

    McGregor had him, but his pathetic arrogance finally made the worst of him and made him completely open to Diaz’s power shots. McGaygag got what was coming. His arrogance got literally choked out of him

    Nathan Green

    Suck shit McGregor!!