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conor mcgregor vs floyd mayweather

The Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match is on. Here’s all you need to understand about the megafight between two of the greatest stars in fight sports.

Mayweather and McGregor are going to make a lot of money once the opening bell rings for their battle Aug. 26.

What happens next appears like it should be clear.

McGregor, the only fighter in UFC history to hold titles simultaneously in two weight classes, will be contending in his very first professional boxing match against probably the best fighter of all time. Oscar De La Hoya, albeit as a competing promoter, suggested McGregor should not even be certified to box.

In the days after the fight was confirmed, lots of little bets came in on McGregor, with the general public seemingly confident he might give Mayweather more of a go than the oddsmakers at first recommended. While most of the early money is on Mayweather, the flurry of “square” action suggests there’s at least some segment of the population that thinks McGregor has a shot.

Anything can happen in a battle, however it’s harder to fix up the betting action support McGregor with a possible path to triumph beyond landing the luckiest of fortunate punches. There are substantial obstacles facing any UFC fighter crossing over to boxing, as there would be for a fighter crossing over to mixed martial arts. Most importantly, Mayweather is just about the worst possible challenger for a fighter like McGregor, in terms of in-ring character and design. The arguments McGregor advocates have tossed out in his defense are lightweight and frequently insufficient.

The proof versus McGregor having the ability to complete in the fight is strong.

mcgregor mayweather replay

Let the hype begin.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor will kick off a four-city trip Tuesday in Los Angeles to promote their Aug. 26 fight. Promoters dispersed free tickets Friday to the Staples Center occasion.

The fighters will then take a trip to Toronto for a look Wednesday, followed by New York on Thursday and London on Friday.

For the Toronto appearance at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, ticket details hasn’t been settled. At the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, complimentary tickets are offered through and also will be dispersed through the arena’s box office starting on Saturday.

Ticket details for the appearance at London’s SSE Arena at Wembley is forthcoming.

Mayweather is coming out of retirement for a boxing match versus a UFC star who has actually never ever boxed professionally. Tickets have yet to go on sale and prices have not been revealed for the live program or the pay-per-view.

The battle is anticipated to be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, though settlements are ongoing with rapper Ice Cube. He has actually the arena reserved for the national championship of his brand-new Big3 basketball league.

Ice stated Thursday he wants to move the game to nearby MGM Grand if the cost is right. Leave a comment below on who you think will win and what round?

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    Can I download this bro?


    u gay

    Nice to see two of the three judges were corrupt. dont blame em, they work for floyd, since this event is owned by floyd, even if connor managed to win on distance he would not have gotten the win. Its a shame he wasted so much energy on the clinch… Read more »

    Did you even watch the fight as I can’t see what you saw.
    Floyd could have boxed that chump all day and the result would still be the same.Specsavers I suggest if you did watch

    Harbir Brar
    The point Mark is trying to make isn’t that, ‘Floyd could have boxed that chump all day.” Because Floyd didn’t. Just like how Conor can’t say know that he could have still fought after the ref stopped it, due to him not throwing a punch while Floyd was just throwing… Read more »

    real shit they gave Connor 1 round and that even though first 3 were def Connor and 4th and 5th were contested.

    Wha what
    Seriously floyd wasn’t even trying. He made it last as long it did for the fans of both sports. Conor looked like a fool boxing , he has no boxing mechanics. He also should have had points taken away from him for punching Floyd in the back of the head… Read more »

    The Ridiculous, Conor McGregor…….


    The direct combat is on this page?


    admin where is the live stream..?

    stop begging

    it’s not on til 9pm ET you greedy fuck.


    thanks for you efforts

    Hey, I am so gratefull for this web, can I ask that I can come tomorrow to see the fight and there will be nothing on the web telling me what happened? it’s very important for us, people who are not going to see it live, we want to see… Read more »

    Thanks bro, we will see

    Hey, I am so gratefull for this web, can I ask that I can come tomorrow to see the fight and there will be nothing on the web telling me what happened? it’s very important for us, people who are not going to see it live, we want to see… Read more »

    Yes very important note


    After? No live?


    Please sir, how long would it take to upload the fight video after its over?


    Will it be streamed???

    ay lmao

    will this be a live stream