CM Punk vs Mickey Gall Full Fight Video


CM Punk vs Mickey Gall fight on UFC 203

CM Punk vs Mickey Gall

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    24 Comments on "CM Punk vs Mickey Gall Full Fight Video"

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    Mr Macmahon

    wanted punk to win ;(

    A. Smith.

    He won! half million Dolar he won hahahahaha

    That’s what happens when a delusional man thinks he can enter the octagon and not get mauled. The UFC has the highest caliber of MMA fighters in the world, most people who have been training their whole lives never make it. The fact he was even allowed to debut in… Read more »
    If you have some natural ability you can achieve some success with a small amount of training. Just look at Ngannou in the heavyweight division. He just beat Arlovski and he’s only trained for 3 years. Punk is just too old, and it was the wronggg opponent. Punk ideally needed… Read more »
    Marco polo

    Thank you…I have fight pass, bullshit they don’t put these up after the fight… Guess I understand-but you have a legit copy of the fight, YouTube version is ass.. So thank you again..


    I did not expect to lose…


    ya reckon people will ever figure out that you cant just step into the octagon out of nowhere and expect to do anything?


    That is normal he is long time wrestler not a fighter like Gall. He will learn.


    That was such a sad fight . Phill Brooks. More like he still sucks and just got cooked.




    UFC is just not his thing that’s why he lost. He needs to practice more n more to get back into the octagon

    Jules long

    He was all over him like cheese on nachos!


    This is not wwe 😀 😀


    I want a rematch. Now Punk knows how this guy fights.

    cm punk (real lol)

    cm punk? more like cm faggot


    not even one punch lol


    lol CM Punk gets beat in 2 minutes by a high school kid.


    Thats totally fucked up man!
    Punk just got the real taste!

    long rod

    well damn,, serves him right smug prick.


    That take down was so fast and seeing him move around like a rookie like that made it sad

    Mudassar Hassan

    I m not suprised muthafucka


    Me too .. i knew micky would win but thought may second or third punk would last.. punk got treated going forward fast and got taken down.. he should off felt atleast a minute or two before getting pumped


    That was sad and i wanted him to lose i feel bad