Canelo vs GGG Full Fight Replay


ggg vs canelo full fight replay

The Tale of the tape, Canelo vs GGG fight!
Following a two-year build, the most significant title battle boxing can make in the 2017 fiscal year is upon us as Mexican super star Canelo Alvarez and unbeaten knockout artist Gennady Golovkin are set to do battle.

Their middleweight champion bout will take place Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (HBO PPV, 8 p.m. ET) with plenty at stake for both individuals and the sport in general as a whole.

Let’s take a more detailed look at how Alvarez and Golovkin compare going into the biggest battle of their respective professions.


If you’re informing me among these two fighters is perhaps the better boxer of the two AND the undoubtedly larger puncher, it’s going to be hard to pick versus him. At the end of the day, that’s who Golovkin remains in this battle. The greatest concern for GGG entering this one is, at 35, was his edging of Jacobs simply one difficult night at the office against a larger and identified challenger or a tease that he might be slipping a bit with age?

That’s a concern that can only be answered in the ring on Saturday, obviously. What Golovkin did show against Jacobs that was perturbing was a lack of a Plan B when his opponent changed positions and made a modification. GGG also revealed a failure to punch with his challenger, instead opting to wait his turn to fire back in volume. The primary distinction in this case is that Alvarez isn’t the exact same athlete or as naturally huge as Jacobs. He’s likewise not the same level of puncher.

Alvarez will have to land something of note early, especially to the body, in order to offer Golovkin stop briefly in strolling him down. But as GGG showed versus hard-hitting David Lemieux, he’s more than going to count on his jab and box carefully when he respects his challenger’s firepower. In the end, Golovkin’s jab, and how frequently he has the ability to leave first with it, will choose whether he has the ability to win rounds. Unless Alvarez shows able to time GGG’s jab and land a right-hand man that gets there quicker, Golovkin has no factor not to utilize his jab as a forceful weapon to frustrate Alvarez.

Let’s face it, few fighters have actually been able to taste Golovkin’s power and continue to step forward by doing anything however making it through. The bigger and iron-willed Jacobs, who beat cancer midway through his profession, became an abnormality because sense. If Alvarez is unable to discipline Golovkin regularly by going downstairs, his chin and self-control will decide whether he sees the final bell.

In the end, considering the size of the stage, anticipate Alvarez to make it the range. Whether or not he opted to be daring adequate to really win the battle is another story entirely. Barring any tomfoolery from the judges, Alvarez doesn’t throw enough punches to match GGG’s high volume. That must harm him on the scorecards, just as it eventually did Jacobs against Golovkin.

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    Boxing is a fucking joke. I said I was about done watching it after that Pacquiao decision, and now this?!? In what world is this not a unanimous decision for GGG? He controlled the ring in every around, was the more aggressive fighter, threw more punches, landed more punches, an… Read more »

    One of the greatest fights in history of boxing


    this aint MMA…. -______-


    These BoxNation commentators man… Reason unknown they’re never watching the same fight as I am.


    never mind they redeemed themselves in the end. But seriously they gave Canelo too much credit. All the rounds he won were super close.

    Haidar Bakhtyaar

    Hi ! When you gonna upload the HD Quality of GGG VS CANELO ??
    Please do that as soon as possible …

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    Haidar Bakhtyaar

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