Beneil Dariush vs James Vick Fight

Beneil Dariush vs James Vick Fight on UFC 199.

Dariush (13-2 MMA, 7-2 UFC) took the center of the octagon minutes after the fight began, Vick (9-1 MMA, 5-1 UFC) apparently content to utilize his length on the outside. Dariush scored with the first big strike of the bout, breaking Vick to the ribs with a kick. Minutes later on, an unintentional eye poke from Vick brought a stop to the action.

Dariush pressured in with a huge left hand, only to be poked in the eye once again.

After recuperating, Dariush tagged Vick and dropped him to the flooring. The pressure didn’t stop from Dariush with more punches to Vick’s face piling up. Another Dariush left hand put Vick on rubber legs, and after a flurry, another dropped him to the canvas unconscious at the 4:16 mark of Round 1.

” That win was about a great deal of things,” Dariush stated. “It had to do with being redeemed. I had actually been feeling stagnant and I’ve been wishing something to alter, and God gave me that something. I hope it’s not anger. I hope it’s spirit. I train with a lot of spirit, and ideally that’s simply transitioning into the octagon, also. I don’t care who’s next. I don’t care about rankings. Just keep tossing them at me and I’ll fight them all.”

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