Alex Caceres vs Jason Knight Full Fight


Alex Caceres vs Jason Knight Full Fight

This is the UFC on FOX 23 live blog site for Alex Caceres vs. Jason Knight, a featherweight bout at Friday night’s UFC occasion at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Caceres, who has won 2 of his past 5 fights, will face Knight, who has actually won two of his UFC 3 battles, on the primary card.

Check out the UFC on FOX 23 live blog listed below.

Round 1: Kicking off the primary card is Bruce Lee Roy and Knight; must be amusing. Referee is Tom Johnson. They touch gloves. Caceres with a heavy left hand straight off, and now a big leg kick that sees Knight diving for a single leg. Body kick from Caceres, and Knight has actually had enough of that jazz. He shoves Caceres to the fence, and creates a work. Now they break, and Caceres comes over top with a left hand– that was pretty. Knight lands straight counter that sends out Caceres in reverse after sally, and now Knight holding the center. High kick from Caceres, and Knight is standing right there trying to punish his aggression. Straight right-hand man started that time from Knight, and Caceres is bouncing around. A lot of kicks early from the TUF vet. Good head movement from Caceres, too. A great little exchange, and Caceres with a wicked grin. Now he engages a combination, and Knight took the brunt of the second shot. Knight surges forward winging bombs, and now he has Caceres on the fence. Caceres presents and nearly trips over himself as he does. Left hand from Knight. Leg kick from Caceres lands, just as Knight was winding up for an overhand right. Looks like a small cut has actually formed on Knight’s head. A combination from Caceres, and Knight simply waits it out and lands a solid ideal counter. Extremely no-nonsense. Now Knight lifts Caceres off the canvas and knocks him down, and chooses a choke at the end … does not have time! But he may have taken the round because of it. MMA Fighting ratings R1 for Knight, 10-9.

Round 2: Caceres coming in, all motion and mojo. Knight has been constant in that pocket, and he is assaulting that mirage at every turn. A knee to the body from Caceres, and a left hand now. He’s keeping that chin moving, does not want any leather to touch it. Up until now he hasn’t soaked up anything too huge. Again, Knight waits on Caceres to devote to a series and he coolly lands a right hand. Big trip from Knight, and Caceres face-planted to the canvas. Now the body-lock on the ground, and he instantly grabs Caceres’ neck. Attempting to get that rear-naked with the body lock on tight. They are on fence, and Caceres is scrambling. Knight is poised; he’s landing punches to Caceres and opening that neck location. Has a ton of time, as we’re just midway through the second. Elbow to the temple from Knight, and now he aims to sink the RNC, and it’s not under the chin. He lets it go, but that was unpleasant for Caceres. Knight jerks Caceres’ body to a various position, and he goes to work again attempting to sink that choke. Now a series of brief elbows and punches. as Caceres rolls to his knees– he’s still carrying Knight’s hulk. This round is all Knight. It could be over … and it is. Caceres taps! Knight looked sensational.

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