Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor Full Fight Video

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Conor McGregor KO’s Jose Aldo In 13 Seconds at UFC 194

Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor fight on UFC 194

LAS VEGAS– Almost 11 months have passed since Conor McGregor vaulted over the cage wall in Boston, bum-rushed a bizarrely entertained Jose Aldo, and set in motion the most expected featherweight fight in the sport’s young history. In the time since, handfuls of bottom lives have been altered, red panty stock climbed to tape-record highs, and the prophetic words of an Irishman have rung true with unnerving consistency.

Now if that pattern continues into Saturday night, and McGregor ends up Aldo within the first round at UFC 194 as he has assured, the Las Vegas Strip might very well burn to the ground. The merrymaking of UFC 189 would look like a wake compared to the celebration that occurs if the battling pride of Ireland supports all of 2015’s madness with one final and significant flourish, showing the point that he insists he set out to prove all along.

However two weeks ago marked the 10-year anniversary of Aldo’s last and only loss, and a curious thing occurred when we turned to the pros of UFC 194 fight week for their ideas. Can McGregor beat the featherweight GOAT?

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